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Depression Treatment at Hagan Health

Depression is a condition of suffering that is significantly different from other areas of mental illness. Historically, only a third of patients treated with antidepressant medication will achieve remission from their depression. Another third will improve, leaving a third of all depressed patients who will not respond to medication. In more recent years, add-on or augmenting medications tend to increase the chances for improvement, but the number of improved patients is still disappointingly low. And even those who improve often pay the price of improvement with side effects, including weight gain and diabetes.

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The numbers reflecting the success of TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) suggest that TMS is perhaps the best treatment for depression. Nationally, when patients who have not responded to medication are treated with TMS, over 80% will improve significantly, while 60% will achieve remission. That means TMS works better than medication.

Nationally, 60% will achieve remission from NeuroStar TMS Treatment.

Nationally, over 80% will improve significantly from NeurStar TMS Treatment.

NeuroStar TMS Therapy

In our best judgment, NeuroStar TMS is the best technology for treating depression. We are very excited to be able to help patients suffering from depression for whom medication has failed. As you can imagine, it has been disappointing and discouraging when those we care about have to be told that there is nothing more that can be done for their depression. But now we have TMS!

Treatment involves sitting in a comfortable chair for a 20-minute treatment, which is painless except for occasional early scalp soreness. Afterward, patients get up and leave, drive themselves and otherwise continue with their schedule for the day. There are no side effects except for rare exceptions. The usual protocol is for 30 sessions on weekdays for 6 weeks followed by a three-week taper. Insurance tends to pay for the treatment.

Is TMS an option for me?

Please take a few minutes to view the links below to see if you are a candidate for TMS. Please ask us if TMS is an option for you or for someone you care about.