Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on what you are needing to be seen for. Our psychiatrist, Dr. Hagan, is credentialed with several commercial insurance panels. If you are being seen for medication management or TMS, you would be able to utilize your insurance (benefits and coverage will vary based on your individual policy). We are, unfortunately, not in network with Medicaid at this time.

For therapy, both Vern Rickert and Colleen Kidd are credentialed with several commercial insurance companies; however, their availability may be limited. Suzanne Lancaster, while currently out of network with insurances, provides outstanding care for an affordable out-of-pocket rate.

Give us a call at 502-326-3011! Our new patient coordinator will ask a few questions to get an idea about what services would be best for you. We do this to cut down on patients having to jump from one provider to another to find the right fit. We will not always be the best provider for every patient–for us it’s about getting you the care that you need, whether that’s us or not!

Before your first appointment, we ask that you complete our New Patient Packet on our website. If, for any reason, you are unable to do so before your first appointment, we are happy to provide you with a hard copy at the office. For therapy, we require that patients complete our Informed Consent document, also on our website. Please arrive 30 minutes early if you would like to complete the paperwork in person.
You will check in at the front desk where we will get a copy of your ID and your insurance card, provide you with any paperwork that still needs to be completed, and take your payment for your visit if it applies to you.
For therapy appointments, your therapist will come to the lobby and bring you back to their office. Your session will last about 50 minutes in which your therapist will ask several questions to get to know you and get a basic understanding of how they can best help you.
If you are being seen for psychiatry, a member of our staff will meet with you to get basic information and history. Then, you’ll meet with Dr. Hagan to discuss your symptoms and needs and establish a plan of care. If medications are prescribed, they will be sent to your pharmacy electronically. If you are being seen for ADHD, we will run a urine drug screen and you’ll see a short, informational video.

Your entire first visit will typically last between 60-90 minutes. Link to our Psychiatry New Patient Packet:
Link to our Therapy-Only New Patient Packet:
Link to our Informed Consent Document:

Payment is due at the time of service. This includes copays, self-pay fees, deductibles, etc. Nonpayment could result in postponement of scheduling or discontinuation from the practice.

There is a form on our website to request a prescription refilled. It is located under the Forms tab and labeled Medication Refill Request. Once you submit the form, it usually takes 1-2 business days to process requests; however, this may vary based on availability of our providers.

We do not initiate prior authorization requests until your pharmacy contacts us via fax, stating one if required by your insurance. These requests are all submitted electronically and patients are notified by our office via text when one is submitted, approved or denied.

This varies from one therapist to another. Some of our therapists have a phone number that rings directly to them; however, it is completely up to that therapist whether they give that information to patients. Similarly, our therapists have direct email addresses but may choose who to provide that information to. The best way to reach your therapist with a concern or question is by calling our office and leaving a message with the front desk. We cannot guarantee that the message will be returned immediately.

Give us a call at 502-326-3011. If it is after work hours, we may not be able to answer right away. If you are unable to reach our office for any reason please call the crisis hotline by dialing 988 or go to the nearest emergency room.

This also varies based on the needs of the child. We have therapists that are happy to see children of any age, but they do not provide medication management.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is a safe, effective, non drug treatment for treatment resistant depression.

Using a targeted pulsed magnetic field, similar to what is used in an MRI, TMS stimulates the area of the brain that is underactive in depression.

One of our TMS Coordinators will go over a brief screening form with you to see if you are a true candidate and answer any questions you may have. After determining if you could be a candidate, we will obtain a benefits investigation after collecting your insurance card and ID. The benefits investigation form will let us know what exactly your coverage will look like for TMS. After reviewing the benefits investigation, you will schedule an appointment with Dr. Hagan to establish a relationship, go over the clinical information, and collect the necessary information for insurance authorization. Once authorization has been obtained, a TMS coordinator will get you scheduled for your first TMS treatment.

Insurance does help cover the cost but coverage varies from plan to plan. We accept Anthem, Humana, Medicare, and Tricare. We also offer a self pay rate and will go over options with you for treatment cost.

You may experience some minor scalp soreness in the beginning but most people have no side effects from this treatment so you would be able to drive yourself to and from every treatment and resume all your daily tasks

Every individual is different, however nationally 83% will improve significantly from Neurostar TMS Therapy and 62% will receive remission. Some individuals will start to feel positive results within the first week, while others may not feel them until the end. It is important to trust the process, as everyone’s experience is different.You may experience some of these positive changes: more energy, elevated mood, improved quality of sleep, improved eating habits, and restored interest in hobbies.

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