Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) has become a specialty at Hagan Health. Over 17 years of practice, a program of more help for more people has been developed. Particularly in recent years, many adults are seeing ADHD patterns in their lives and are coming to us for evaluation with the hope and intent to improve themselves. Most of these adults are already successful people, but with more and more responsibility, their ability to stay focused and to manage distractions can be overwhelming.

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We believe it is much more important to understand ADHD than it is to medicate it, such that when medication is used, it is a useful tool but not the main thing. In that context, we have developed a comprehensive program for addressing ADHD patterns.

Initial evaluations are done by both Dr. Hagan and Tim Loerke, PC-A, both of whom specialize in ADHD. After a thorough interview and discussion of treatment, we usually recommend the combination of medication and coaching.  Some patients also elect to see one of our therapists experienced in the area of ADHD.  Over the ensuing months, medications are adjusted and patients learn perspectives about ADHD, such that they learn to create solutions to issues of focus and distractibility as well as lack of organization.  We like to think that people who have been through our program are unusually well-informed and armed to be able to achieve their hopes and their best potential.

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